The Saint Thomas Pre-school was founded for the purpose of providing pre-school children with educational experience in an atmosphere of Christian love and concern.  A child educated at Saint Thomas Pre-school enters elementary school with every expectation of social adjustment and academic success. With loving encouragement we foster knowledge, application, and enthusiasm: your child’s tools for high achievement in the years to come.

Your child’s pre-school years are a time of discovery – a period of heightened and deepened sensitivity. This is a time of curiosity and exploration, an attempt to answer “why?” and “how?” Self-confidence, rooted in a sense of security, begins to develop with the guidance of an experienced teacher. When you select a pre-school you are choosing a partner who will help your child learn about trust, belonging, and the importance of being ME.

Our pre-school program is designed to meet and to challenge the educational, developmental, recreational, and social needs of three, four, and five-year old children. We, therefore, provide a balance of activities that touch the whole child – physical, mental, and spiritual.  Children are not pressured to achieve in academics. Rather, we expose them to academic topics (e.g., alphabet, numbers, shapes, colors, sizes, and specific themes) in a variety of ways. All children are encouraged to learn at their own pace; more advanced materials are offered when children are ready for them.

Besides routine and free-choice activities, we feature learning centers. These are the focus of the children’s “work,” which for them is play. The learning centers (see following descriptions) are managed settings where the children observe, explore, ask questions, and engage in activities created to appeal to their natural curiosity and emerging skills.

Religious Education - Saint Thomas Pre-school is a Catholic pre-school; however, we do not teach formal religion classes. At this age, suitable spiritual preparation consists of nurturing Christian values, praying and singing simple prayers, and celebrating God’s wonderful creation.

Enrichment Classes - All pre-school children participate in enrichment classes at the school in music and physical education.  Pre-school students also benefit from weekly visits to the school library.